Mixed flock of shorebirds feeding in the mudflats of GHNWR

When shorebirds stop to eat in Grays Harbor, they feed on worms and other invertebrates in the mudflats. As the tide come in, the birds move to areas of the mud that are not yet covered by water. The best times to see shorebirds from the Sandpiper Trail at Grays Harbor National Wildlife Refuge are when the tide is pushing the birds in closer view. Approximately three hours before and after high tide are usually good times to see the birds closer. Click here for a printable chart detailing viewing times during 2021's peak migration.

The best time to view shorebirds at other sites around Grays Harbor is reliant on the tide and exposure of intertidal flats. If you are heading to Ocean Shores, Westport, Grayland, and Tokeland to see shorebirds, you can reference the area-specific tide charts here.

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