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Grays Harbor Shorebird and Nature Festival

B I R D  L I S T  
What is a Shorebird? Good question! Shorebird is a name given to the group of birds that are usually found along the shoreline. They include plovers, turnstones, sandpipers, dowitchers, and others. Some shorebirds can be found in Grays Harbor County all year; others only during their migration. A good way to start learning the common shorebirds is to attend the shorebird identification class and field trip at the Shorebird Festival.

Shorebirds commonly seen in Grays Harbor County during migration (How many have you seen? Can you find them all?)
__Black-bellied Plover
__Semipalmated Plover
__Greater Yellowlegs
__Wandering Tattler
__Marbled Godwit
__Ruddy Turnstone
__Red Knot
__Western Sandpiper
__Least Sandpiper
__Short-billed Dowitcher
__Long-billed Dowitcher

A list of birds seen during the field trips of the 2015 Shorebird Festival can be downloaded here (Acrobat PDF file). You will need to download the Adobe Acrobat reader if you don't already have it.  
Best times to view shorebirds

Shorebirds can be viewed during the period about 2 hours before to 2 hours after high tide. During high tide, birds are closer and more concentrated for better viewing. For coastal viewing, tidal cycles are not as critical. High tides along the coast are about 1 hour earlier than at the Grays Harbor National Wildlife Refuge.  

2016 High tide Best viewing
Friday, May 6 1pm Noon - 4pm
Saturday, May 7 2pm 1pm - 5pm
Sunday, May 8 3pm 2pm - 6pm



If you have questions about the Shorebird and Nature Festival,
call (360) 289-5048.

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Grays Harbor Shorebird and Nature Festival
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