2017 Poster Contest Results

"Follow the Leader" by Mia Tiffany is the winner of the 2017 Grays Harbor Shorebird Festival Poster Contest.

When creating this art, Mia was 7 1/2 years old and attending 1st grade at Ocosta Elementary. She knows that the spotted sandpiper lives on the beach, and wanted to draw a family of shorebirds following each other so she titled it “Follow the Leader.” She goes to her local beach to watch the sandpipers with her family. To create her artwork, she used watercolor, markers, and pencils, and even mixed some of her own colors! After the ceremony, Mia did the activities at the Fun Fair and she really enjoyed the Mudflat Meals activity where she got to look at the little things that live in the water. She loves science, and even has her own microscope and telescope!

Mia Tiffany

2017 Poster Contest Statistics and General Information

Grays Harbor County students, grades 1-6, design Shorebird Festival Poster for competition. Five judges select from each grade a 1st-3rd place and two honorable mention winners. A “Best of Show” is chosen from among the first place winners in each grade. All winning posters are displayed and awards are given during the Shorebird Festival. Everyone is welcome to attend the Poster Contest Awards Ceremony held at Hoquiam High School on Saturday May 6, 2017 starting at 1pm.

Schools Participating: 15

Central, Ocean Shores, Ocosta, Robert Gray, Central Park, Lincoln, Cosmopolis, McDermoth, Stevens, St. Mary School, Simpson, Beacon, AJ West, Emerson

Number of Teachers Participating: 44

Number of Student Entries: 660

Grade 1 = 173
Grade 2 = 54
Grade 3 = 207
Grade 4 = 181
Grade 5 = 42
Grade 6 = 2


1st Grade:

1st Place/BOS: Maria Tiffany (Idso) Ocosta “Follow the Leader” – mixed media of watercolor, pencil, marker, and Tempera
2nd Place: Charlee Fairbairn (Craig) Beacon
3rd Place: Jamie Lewis from (Parker) McDermoth
Honorable Mention: Keagen Billie-Sansom (Powell) AJ West
Honorable Mention: Kasen Docsanes (Clezie) Beacon

2nd Grade:

1st Place: Timber Uitto (O’Meara) Ocosta “Sandpiper”
2nd Place: Daniel Rodriguez-Lano (Lohr) Cosmopolis
3rd Place: Joselina PazReyes (Cokely) Beacon
Honorable Mention: Gabriel Paz (Lohr) Cosmopolis
Honorable Mention: Nicoliy McGuire (Cokely) Beacon

3rd Grade:

1st Place: Kyle Craig (Baldwin) Simpson “The Mud Flats”
2nd Place: Daisy Vessey (Schultz) Stevens
3rd Place: Lexi LaBounty (Fabini) Lincoln
Honorable Mention: Olivia Schwerdel (Lennier) Stevens
Honorable Mention: Rilye Stuefen (Moir) Lincoln

4th Grade:

1st Place: Lauren Fabini (Beyer) Central “Sunset on the Ocean”
2nd Place: Sarah Leadbetter (Hyde) Central
3rd Place: Rylee Brown (Lohr) Cosmopolis
Honorable Mention: Nellie Holder (Lohr) Cosmopolis
Honorable Mention: Sophie Ocegueda (Beyer) Central

5th Grade:

1st Place: Saylor Heikkila (Lohr) Cosmopolis “Wading Curlew”
2nd Place: Dakota Kable (Jordan) Ocean Shores
3rd Place: Alanna Miles (Wilson) Cosmopolis
Honorable Mention: Keara Burns (Roberts) St. Mary School
Honorable Mention: Jaylen Smith (Lohr) Cosmopolis

6th Grade:

1st Place: Natasha Babbit (Valentine) Cosmopolis “Dunlin”
2nd Place: Taleah Ibrahim (Lohr) Cosmopolis


Glynnis Nakai, Refuge Manager, Grays Harbor National Wildlife Refuge
Judy Taylor, Local Artist, Birder
Jude Armstrong, Member of GHAS, Artist, Volunteer at Grays Harbor National Wildlife Refuge
Lynn Childers, Former US Fish and Wildlife Service Employee
Terri Small, Local Graphic Artist

Volunteers Assisting:

Lynn Smith
Art Pavey
Jan Kramer
Kay Smith
Nancy Wells
Suzanne Hierholzer
Jean Davis
Sheila McCartan

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