2019 Poster Contest Results

Lone Bird on an Early Flight by Ezri Carroll

"Lone Bird on an Early Flight" by Ezri Carroll is the winner of the 2019 Grays Harbor Shorebird Festival Poster Contest!

When creating this art, Ezri was 12 years old and attending St. Mary School. When notified, she was at a loss for words and said, "I didn't expect to win two times in a row!" When she grows up, she is interested in being an animator or character designer. She enjoys drawing and computer animation. She would like to enter more art contests, make a living from art, and donate her money to animal charities and rescue associations. When asked about art, she stated, "Capturing still life is always nice; it makes you look at things."

Ezri Carroll

2019 Poster Contest Statistics and Information

Grays Harbor County students, grades 1 - 6, design Shorebird Festival Poster for competition. Five judges select from each grade a 1st-3rd place and two honorable mention winners. A “Best of Show” is chosen from among the first place winners in each grade. All winning posters are displayed and awards are given during the Shorebird Festival.

Schools Participating: 14

AJ West, Beacon, Central, Central Park, Cosmopolis, Emerson, Lincoln, Oakville, Ocean Shores, Ocosta, Robert Gray, Simpson, St. Mary School, Stevens

Number of Teachers Participating: 46

Number of Student Entries: 588

Grade 1 = 117
Grade 2 = 6
Grade 3 = 152
Grade 4 = 221
Grade 5 = 44
Grade 6 = 48


1st Grade:

The Mudflats with Some Grass by Rylee Webster 1st place: Rylee Webster, Beacon Elementary (Craig) "The Mudflats with Some Grass"
2nd place: Katie Shields, Beacon Elementary (Craig)
3rd place, Charlie Logan, Beacon Elementary (Craig)
Honorable Mention: Kesten Delia, Beacon Elementary (Craig)
Honorable Mention: Trey Gunter, Beacon Elementary (Craig)

2nd Grade:

1st place: Addyson Bodwell, Ocosta Elementary (George) "Save This Dunlin's Habitat"
2nd place: Stella Olsen, Lincoln Elementary (White)
3rd place: Mason Craig, Beacon Elementary (Johansen)
Honorable Mention: Emerald Gittins, Lincoln Elementary (White)
Honorable Mention: Kylie McCoy, Lincoln Elementary (White)

3rd Grade:

1st place: Mia Tiffany, St. Mary School (Scroggs) "Catch the Thief"
2nd place: Kaleigh Budd, Central Park Elementary (Chicano)
3rd place: Autumn Morrow, Lincoln Elementary (Fabini)
Honorable Mention: Bella Membreno, Lincoln Elementary (Fabini)
Honorable Mention: Gracyne Russell, Cosmopolis Elementary (Deal)

4th Grade:

1st place: Addisyn Rux, Simpson Elementary (Olsen) "Dunlin Flying Over the Sea"
2nd place: Kylie Corwin, Robert Gray Elementary (Hamblin)
3rd place: Shiloh Bushnell, Oakville Elementary (Cladek)
Honorable Mention: Brady Whipple, Simpson Elementary (Fredrickson)
Honorable Mention: Raeanna Humphrey, Stevens Elementary (King)

5th Grade:

1st place: Hayden Sweet, Simpson Elementary (Huff) "Off on a Flight"
2nd place: Macenzie Osborne-Hansen, Ocean Shores Elementary (Rockey)
3rd palce: Meribel Mazariegos, Central Elementary (Estes)
Honorable Mention: Lily Beeson, Robert Gray Elementary (Williams)
Honorable Mention: Madilyn Ritter, Robert Gray Elementary (Williams)

6th Grade:

1st place/Best of Show: Ezri Carroll, St. Mary School (Carroll) "Lone Bird on an Early Flight"
2nd place: James Huff, Simpson Elementary (Jensen)
3rd place: Brayden Howe, Cosmopolis (Lohr)
Honorable Mention: Eloisa Butcher, St. Mary School (Carroll)
Honorable Mention: Gabriela Hernandez, St. Mary School (Carroll)


Glynnis Nakai, Refuge Manager, Grays Harbor National Wildlife Refuge
Judy Taylor, Local Artist, Birder
Jude Armstrong, Member of GHAS, Artist, Volunteer at Grays Harbor National Wildlife Refuge
Art Pavey, Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge Complex Volunteer
Terri Small, Local Graphic Artist

Volunteers Assisting:

Julia Fregonara, AmeriCorps
Lynn Smith, GHAS
Arnie Martin, GHAS
Jennifer Cutillo, UWFWS
Jan Kramer
Nancy Wells
Suzanne Hierholzer
Jean Davis

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