2020 Poster Contest Results

"Lunch is Served!" by Hayden Sweet is the winner of the 2020 Grays Harbor Shorebird and Nature Festival Poster Contest!


1st Grade:

1st place: Tanner Tyler, Beacon Elementary (Craig) "Nature"
Nature by Tanner Tyler

2nd place: Arik Barnes, Beacon Elementary (Craig) "Looking for Food" Looking for Food by Arik Barnes

3rd place, Lydia Vetter, Beacon Elementary (Craig) "Rocky Hill" Rocky Hill by Lydia Vetter

Honorable Mention: Olivia Prall, Beacon Elementary (Craig) "Seashells" Seashells by Olivia Prall

Honorable Mention: Natalye Lopez-Indalecio, Saint Mary School (Batcheller) "Jailbird Willet" Jailbird Willet by Natalye Lopez-Indalecio

3rd Grade:

1st place: Jameson Stevens, Central Park (Chicano) "Like Mother Like Daughter"

4th Grade:

1st place: Carter Gibbons, Simpson Elementary (Fredrickson) "The Pacific Plover"

2nd place: Kaleigh Budd, Central Park (Aschenbrenner) "Ruddy Turnstones by the Mudflat"

3rd place: Kyler Wallin, Central Park (Aschenbrenner) "Long-billed Curlew"

Honorable Mention: Hadley Erickson, Simpson (Niels) "Floating on Water"

Honorable Mention: Rylee Geelan, Simpson (Fredrickson) "Semi-palmated Plover Lighthouse"

5th Grade:

1st place: Eliza Carrasco, Central Park (Ball) "Day at Ocean"

2nd place: Amelia Willis, Simpson (Egger) "Sunset Take-off"

3rd place: Lainey Moore, Simpson (Hollatz) "Flight of the Plover"

Honorable Mention: Tieander Olson, Simpson (Hollatz) "The North Star"

Honorable Mention: Alex Salstrom, Simpson (Hollatz) "Sandpipers and Plovers"

6th Grade:

1st place/Best of Show: Hayden Sweet, Simpson (Foster) "Lunch is Served!"

2nd place: Kyle Craig, Simpson (Foster) "Shorebird Flight on a Starry Night"

3rd place: Colton Sweet, Simpson (Foster) "Flying High"

Honorable Mention: Xanto Raya, Saint Mary School (Carroll) "Sunset Sanderling"

Honorable Mention: Tyson Dunlap, Saint Mary School (Carroll) "Sunset by the Sea"


Glynnis Nakai, Refuge Manager, Grays Harbor National Wildlife Refuge
Judy Taylor, Local Artist, Birder
Jude Armstrong, Member of GHAS, Artist, Volunteer at Grays Harbor National Wildlife Refuge
Nancy Wells, Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge Complex Volunteer
Terri Small, Local Graphic Artist

Volunteers Assisting:

Julia Fregonara, AmeriCorps
Suzanne Hierholzer

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