2021 Poster Contest Results

The Food Searcher by Mason Craig

"The Food Searcher" by Mason Craig is the winner of the 2021 Grays Harbor Shorebird and Nature Festival Poster Contest!


2nd Grade:

1st place: Andee Craig, Beacon Elementary (Plato) "Little Sunset"
Little Sunset by Andee Craig

2nd place: Olivia Prall, Beacon Elementary (Plato) "One Sunny Day" One Sunny Day by Olivia Prall

3rd place, Arik Barnes, Beacon Elementary (Yunker) "Spring Bird" Spring Bird by Arik Barnes

3rd Grade:

1st place: Vanessa Ceja, Ocosta Elementary (Saul) "Morning Walk" Morning Walk by Vanessa Ceja

2nd place: Kyra Demings, Cosmopolis Elementary (Wiechelman) "Sandpiper in the Marsh" Sandpiper in the Marsh by Kyra Demings

3rd place: Conner Kautzman, Ocosta Elementary (Saul) "Resting on a Rock" Resting on a Rock by Conner Kautzman

Honorable Mention: Hanneh Malone, Cosmopolis Elementary (Wiechelman) "Seabird" Seabird by Hanneh Malone

Honorable Mention: Madden Jacobs, Cosmopolis Elementary (Wiechelman) "Sunset at the River" Sunset at the River by Madden Jacobs

4th Grade:

1st place: Mason Craig, Simpson Elementary (Tucker) "The Food Searcher" Best of Show The Food Searcher by Mason Craig

2nd place: Harper Lowery, Cosmopolis Elementary (Corbus) "Bird on the Beach" Bird on the Beach by Harper Lowery

3rd place: Logan Whitney, Cosmopolis Elementary (Corbus) "Untitled" Untitled by Logan Whitney

Honorable Mention: Jordynn Valentine, Cosmopolis Elementary (Corbus) "Summer Beach Park" Summer Beach Park by Jordynn Valentine

Honorable Mention: Dharma Rossetti, Grays Harbor Adventist Christian (Hay) "Sunny Day for a Dunlin" Sunny Day for a Dunlin by Dharma Rossetti

5th Grade:

1st place: Norah French, Ocosta Elementary (Anderson) "Untitled"
Untitled by Norah French

2nd place: Heidy Camargo-Solis, Ocosta Elementary (Waara) "Sandpiper Snacktime" Sandpiper Snacktime by Heidy Camargo-Solis

3rd place: Elijah Raines, Simpson (Huff) "Feeding the Birds" Feeding the Birds by Elijah Raines

Honorable Mention: Ruby Barnes, Simpson (Huff) "Black Oystercatcher" Black Oystercatcher by Ruby Barnes

Honorable Mention: Albertilio DeJesus, Grays Harbor Adventist Christian (Hay) "Sunset on Dunlin" Sunset on Dunlin by Albertilio DeJesus

6th Grade:

1st place: Eleanor Ming, Simpson (Huff) "Shore Beauty" Shore Beauty by Eleanor Ming

2nd place: Amelia Willis, Simpson (Foster) "Lesser Yellowlegs chilling in water"
Lesser Yellowlegs chilling in water by Amelia Willis

3rd place: Breanna DeJesus, Grays Harbor Adventist Christian (Hay) "Sunny Day for a Kildeer"
Sunny Day for a Kildeer by Breanna DeJesus

Honorable Mention: Karlottah Mowitchman, Simpson (Foster) "The Mud Bay View"

Honorable Mention: Knowles Dilley, Simpson (Foster) "Rest and Relaxation" Rest and Relaxation by Knowles Dilley


Judy Taylor, Local Artist, Birder
Jude Armstrong, Member of GHAS, Artist, Volunteer at Grays Harbor National Wildlife Refuge
Nancy Wells, Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge Complex Volunteer
Terri Small, Local Graphic Artist
Kurt Roblek, Deputy Project Leader, Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge Complex

Technical support:

Glynnis Nakai, Refuge Manager, Grays Harbor National Wildlife Refuge

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